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Impey linear wetroom floor with black porcelain non-slip floor tiles

Get a Grip! Non-Slip Tiles for a Safe Bathroom - 17th February 2017

The bathroom can be a hazardous place, particularly when it comes to the floor. It’s inevitable that your bathroom floor will get wet, which also means it will become slippery. But, with the right choice of anti-slip tiles, you can have a safer environment, without having to compromise on style. Read More

Magical Monochrome Tiles - Mon 19 December 2016

For a sophisticated and highly on-trend bathroom, monochrome tiles are the way forward. Whether you want to make a bold or soft statement, whether a classic or rustic design, monochrome tiles are a must-have choice for the ultimate stylish bathroom. Read More

Marazzi Stoneway stone effect black and blanco contrasting tiles on the wall of a luxury shower room display at UK Tiles Direct Wareham

The finest Italian porcelain tiles from Marazzi - Wed 23 November 2016

When it comes to porcelain tiles, the acclaimed Italian brand, Marazzi, is renowned for experience, innovation, creativity and design. With an unfailing flair for style, the highest quality materials and an unprecedented ability to predict and respond to developments in technology and customer needs, Marazzi tiles have been defining living spaces for over half a century. Read More

A large modern wetroom featuring large 120x60cm thin stone effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin

Wetroom Design Tips and Advice - Wed 28 September 2016

A wetroom offers a fabulous, luxurious experience, alongside high practicality, in even the smallest of areas. Whether you want to transform your bathroom into a place of style and indulgence, increase the value of your home, or simply save space, there are some things you need to consider when planning your wetroom design. Read More

Mould has formed in the corner of this shower where water has become trapped

Banish Mould from Your Bathroom! - Mon 15 August 2016

Mould thrives in a damp environments and it is little wonder that the bathroom is its favourite room in the house. With some consideration to the issue when planning your bathroom and regular cleaning it is possible to make your bathroom a mould free zone. Read More

Thermonet electric underfloor heating mat is supplied in rolls for different sized rooms

Electric Underfloor Heating - Everything You Need To Know! - Wed 10 August 2016

Electric underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular choice – with slow-rising heat warming the room from the floor upwards, it generates a wonderful, even temperature. And with innovative products, like Thermonet’s range of underfloor heating mats, it’s now more accessible than ever. Read More

Sandstone effect thin porcelain tiles have been used for the patio and swimming pool of this stunning modern home

Stunningly realistic stone and wood effect tiles from UK Tiles Direct - Wed 22 June 2016

Modern-day living demands not only stylish interior and exterior design solutions, but convenient and hardwearing ones too. No more so than when it comes to choosing wall and floor tiles. So, it’s no wonder stone effect tiles and wood effect tiles are becoming a sought-after alternative to the real thing. Read More

A bathroom with great lighting will be easier and more convenient to use

A bathroom for Aging in Place - Thu 12 May 2016

With more people choosing to stay in their own homes, or with relatives, as they grow older, there are many things to consider to ensure it’s a safe and practical place to live. And bathrooms for the elderly are an essential part of future proofing your home. Read More

Thermonet electric underfloor heating mat

A Guide to Wet and Electric Underfloor Heating - Fri 22 April 2016

Underfloor heating isn’t a new idea, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular one. And there are now many different systems to choose from, whether for a one-off project, like a bathroom or wetroom, or an entire new-build house. Read More

A shower tray with correctly applied silicone sealant

Tips and Advice for How to Sealing a Shower Tray - Mon 21 March 2016

Water leaks from shower enclosures and shower trays can be difficult to fix and will often cause damage to the fabric of your home. The most common cause of water leaks from shower trays is associated with poor application and deterioration of silicone sealant. Here are some top tips for applying silicone sealant correctly to shower trays and preventing water leaks. Read More