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A leaking shower may cause substantial damage to the fabric of a house if not cured

Common causes of water leaks from shower enclosures - Tue 15 December 2015

The source of a water leak from a shower enclosure can be difficult to detect and cause a great deal of damage to the fabric of a house. Modern shower enclosures are generally robust and well-designed products but they do need to be installed in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions if they are to operate correctly and water leaks prevented. Here we discuss 4 of the most common causes from water leaks from shower enclosures. Read More

Kerakoll FUGABELLA PORC 0-5 ECO fine water proof mineral tile grout for fine grouting

The finest eco-friendly tile grouts from Kerakoll - Fri 20 November 2015

When choosing any tiles – whether wall or floor, interior or exterior – it’s imperative to also select the right tile grouts and adhesives, not only to complement the tiles and design of your room or outside area, but also to ensure the optimum durability. Read More

UK Tiles Direct supplied the tiles for this luxury home on the Isle of Wight that was featured by Channel 4 Grand Designs

UK Tiles Direct fulfil Isle of Wight Grand Designs Project - Mon 2 November 2015

When Isle of Wight couple Bram and Lisa Vis decided to build their new luxury home from scratch they were determined to use only the best in skills and materials. Such was the scope and grandeur of their plans that they attracted the attention of top Channel 4 show, Grand Designs, who filmed an episode around the building of their £3.2 million project. Read More

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Kerakoll: High performance, eco-friendly tile adhesives for every situation - Tue 8 September 2015

For us there is no better eco-friendly, flexible, high performance range of tile adhesives than those offered by Kerakoll. Suitable for fixing ceramic, mosaic and porcelain tiles (including ultra-thin and large format), as well as natural stone wall and floor tiles, Kerakoll's H40 tile adhesives are ideal for both interior and exterior use - including extreme wet environments such swimming pools, steam or wet rooms. Read More