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Kerakoll Tile Grouts

Kerakoll Tile Grouts

For tile grouts Kerakoll is THE brand of choice professional and domestic tilers. Their eco-friendly mineral based range of tile grouts incudes flexible and waterproof products that have each been specially developed for specific applications and types of tile such natural stone, very large floor tiles and for extreme environments such as swimming pools and steam rooms. With an extensive range of tile grout colours to choose from in coarse and fine finishes you can be confident of their being a Kerakoll grout for your tiling project.

UK Tiles Direct are official agents in Dorset for Kerakoll tile grouts, adhesives and floor preparation products. Get help selecting the correct tiling products and see the full range of Kerakoll eco-friendly tile grouts at our large tile showroom in Wareham.


Fugabella Eco Flex Tile Grout

Rapid setting, flexible and water repellent eco-friendly tile grout with antibacterial and fungal properties in a choice of 14 colours

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio Liquid Tile Grout 3kg

A silk effect water based and hypo-allergenic resin tile grout for waterproof and stain proof grouting

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio Parquet Tile Grout 3kg

Hypo-allergenic waterproof and stain restistant resin tile grout for modern wood effect tiles

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 0-5 Tile Grout

Kerakoll FUGABELLA PORC 0-5 ECO mineral tile grout for fine joints available in 28 colours

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco 2-12 Tile Grout

Kerakoll FUGABELLA PORC 2-12 ECO mineral tile grout for wide joints available in a range of 12 colours

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco SCUBA 5kg

Kerakoll FUGA ECO SCUBA water repellent mineral tile grout

Kerakoll Fugalite Eco Tile Grout and Adhesive

Kerakoll FUGALITE ECO liquid ceramic tile grout for wet environments and mosaic tiles

Kerakoll Fuga Tile Glitter Grout Additive

Kerakoll FUGA GLITTER gold and silver decorative additives for kerakoll tile grouts