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Kerakoll Fugalite Bio organic waterproof and antibacterial silk effect resin tile grout
Fugalite Bio stain resistant antibacterial and water proof coloured tile grout in use V1
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Kerakoll Fugalite Bio Liquid Tile Grout 3kg

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A silk effect water based and hypo-allergenic resin tile grout for waterproof and stain proof grouting

  • Suitable for grouting ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and glass mosaic wall and floor tiles
  • Natural matt silk effect finish for seamlessly blended tile joints
  • Suitable for use inside and outside the home
  • Available in a range of 12 colours
  • Fugalite Bio grout is resistant to staining from every day dirt and liquids such as coffee, oil, red wine, tomato juice and make-up – independently tested by Centro Ceramico Bologna
  • Water resistant and non-absorbent which means that Fugalite Bio is ideal for all areas of the home from high traffic areas to damp environments such as wetrooms, bathrooms and swimming pools
  • CATAS colour durability tested – unlike any other organic tile grouts Fugalite Bio will not fade in direct sunlight
  • Bacteriostatic – CSTB tests prove that Fugalite Bio grout provides long lasting and highly effective protection against the growth of bacteria and moulds
  • Fugalite Bio is an Eco 3 rated environmentally friendly mineral based product which can be recycled at the end of its life
  • Kerakol Fugalite Bio is not affected by issues that can affect cement based tile grouts such as colour durability, dirt ingress, staining, efflorescence’s, mould and bacteria growth
  • Fugalite Bio tile grout carries an international patent and is exclusive to Kerakoll


Kerakoll Fugalite Bio tile grout is available in the following colours

White, light grey, pearl grey, iron grey, anthracite, black, Jasmin, Bahama Beige, walnut, silver, ivory, ocean (blue)


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