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Tile Collections - Leviathan 240x120cm Large Tiles

Golden Sunset Large 240x120cm Tiles Detail
Porcel-Thin Golden Sunset Large Floor Tiles
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Golden Sunset Large Tiles

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Golden Sunset marble effect porcelain tiles create a rich sand toned look on extra large 240x120cm tiles by Porcel-Thin

  • Massive porcelain tiles in 2.4m x 1.2m size from Porcel-Thin’s Leviathan marble effect tile collection
  • Recreates the look of large slabs of natural marble, offering allow for faster coverage and less unsightly grout lines
  • Porcel-Thin use the newest in 3D digital printing technology to create staggeringly realistic reproductions of the most gorgeous types of marble
  • Porcel-Thin porcelain tiles are very durable and can be used to tile walls and floors
  • Polished surface finish
  • Porcel-Thin Leviathan tiles measure only 5.5mm in thickness but independent tests confirm that they are nearly twice as strong as an equivalent 13mm thickness regular porcelain tiles
  • These ultra-thin porcelain tiles allow underfloor heating systems to warm up faster and radiate heat more efficiently than most comparable floor coverings
  • Porcel-Thin tiles can be cut, drilled and shaped with standard tiling tools
  • Porcel-Thin tiles are kinder to the environment and require 60% less mineral resources to produce
  • Price per tile including vat


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Size: 240cm x 120cm

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